Making The Cut

Sure, Ben can get away with biting off the ends of his cigars like an old-fashioned desperado – but not all of us have that same animal magnetism. Choosing the right cut for your cigar can dramatically impact your smoking experience. It all comes down to personal taste but certain cuts just seem to work better for specific cigars.   

A variety of different cuts exist but the most common are:

Straight Cut – The most standard cut. Hard to go wrong with this one and definitely something you’ll want to use on a torpedo shaped cigar.

Punch – The punch is a great option for larger cigars or for people who might chew at the ends. Punching your cigar will definitely help maintain the integrity of the tip for longer than most other cuts.

V Cut (English cut) – A personal favourite of the JD Cigars crew. The best of both worlds between a straight cut and a punch – allowing for a deeper draw while still protecting the tip from damage. 

Try them all to see which one is right for you. Happy smoking!

JD Cigars