Braving the Cold

Cigar smoking during Canadian winters can pose a bit of a challenge. Gale force winds and biting cold temperatures may take some of the enjoyment out of smoking for you, but there are a few simple ways to enjoy a cigar during the Canadian winter:

  1. Shelter – A garden shed can easily be transformed into your winter cigar smoking sanctuary. If you don’t have a shed why not wait until your spouse or loved one falls asleep so you can light up in bed? You may only get away with it five or six minutes so enjoy the bliss while it lasts.

  2. Size – A bitterly cold January evening might not be the time to enjoy that Double Gordo. Why not opt for a smaller cigar? If you don’t want to give up ring gauge try a half corona. On a budget? No problem. Ask Ben how picking up cigar butts on the street can be a great way to save a little extra cash.

  3. Equipment – This may seem obvious but a windless butane lighter and gloves can be the difference between a good and bad winter cigar smoking experience. As a bonus the gloves also come in handy when you’re fishing through other people’s trash with Ben.


Stay warm and enjoy!


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