Making The Cut

Sure, Ben can get away with biting off the ends of his cigars like an old-fashioned desperado – but not all of us have that same animal magnetism. Choosing the right cut for your cigar can dramatically impact your smoking experience. It all comes down to personal taste but certain cuts just seem to work better for specific cigars.   

A variety of different cuts exist but the most common are:

Straight Cut – The most standard cut. Hard to go wrong with this one and definitely something you’ll want to use on a torpedo shaped cigar.

Punch – The punch is a great option for larger cigars or for people who might chew at the ends. Punching your cigar will definitely help maintain the integrity of the tip for longer than most other cuts.

V Cut (English cut) – A personal favourite of the JD Cigars crew. The best of both worlds between a straight cut and a punch – allowing for a deeper draw while still protecting the tip from damage. 

Try them all to see which one is right for you. Happy smoking!

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March Madness

Many of our loyal followers have been asking… “… do cigars and March Break mix”? 

Fair question from JD Cigar nation. While March break is a time for family, there is no need to deprive yourself of the occasional smoking pleasure. You love your kids and they love you but 24/7 togetherness can test the limits of any loving relationship. The key is to find opportunities without impacting the sheer unbridled joy of family time.

Off to Disney? Well nothing good comes from standing in 2 hour lineups with your exhausted little ones. Take a quick stroll with your Undercrown and enjoy the hidden corners of the magic kingdom – the same place you will find Mickey Mouse on break sharing a smoke and a bottle of vodka with Ben.

Skiing? End your day a run early and enjoy a Montecristo by the ski rack. As they say the last run is the most dangerous of the day so avoid it all together. You’ll still be there with open arms when your little rosy cheeked downhill racers get to the chalet. 

Kids watching TV after a long day? Take an evening stroll with your favourite Macanudo. Kids will barely notice you’ve left and will be more than happy to update you on the intricate plot turns of ‘Labybug and Cat noir’

Nothing will ensure you’re ‘in the family moment’ better than a few stolen ones of your own with a favourite member of your tobacco family.

Spark it up dad (… or mom). Surely you have earned it.


Have a wonderful March Break 


JD Cigars

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The Perfect Match

Many people often ask what the best beverage pairing for a cigar is. My personal favourite (the majority of the time) is coffee or espresso. That being said, it completely depends on your settings and particular mood. For instance – a few weeks ago I was travelling with my colleague Ben, who insisted that tap water from the hotel was the best pairing as he was “aiming to get his money’s worth from the room”. Whether you choose to enjoy your cigar with coffee, tea, whisky or cognac – the important thing is that the flavours are complimentary and not in competition.


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Braving the Cold

Cigar smoking during Canadian winters can pose a bit of a challenge. Gale force winds and biting cold temperatures may take some of the enjoyment out of smoking for you, but there are a few simple ways to enjoy a cigar during the Canadian winter:

  1. Shelter – A garden shed can easily be transformed into your winter cigar smoking sanctuary. If you don’t have a shed why not wait until your spouse or loved one falls asleep so you can light up in bed? You may only get away with it five or six minutes so enjoy the bliss while it lasts.

  2. Size – A bitterly cold January evening might not be the time to enjoy that Double Gordo. Why not opt for a smaller cigar? If you don’t want to give up ring gauge try a half corona. On a budget? No problem. Ask Ben how picking up cigar butts on the street can be a great way to save a little extra cash.

  3. Equipment – This may seem obvious but a windless butane lighter and gloves can be the difference between a good and bad winter cigar smoking experience. As a bonus the gloves also come in handy when you’re fishing through other people’s trash with Ben.


Stay warm and enjoy!


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First Puff

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the brand NEW JD Cigars website - a place where three Toronto based cigar enthusiasts can post our cigar reviews and photography. If you have any content questions or recommendations for us please contact us. Thanks again for visiting - we hope to hear from you soon!