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A Toronto based cigar enthusiast of ten years. A Maduro lover and Cuban cigar hater on a quest to find that perfect stick. Desert island smoke is still the Liga Privada No. 9 by Drew Estate. Enjoys coasting through life on his looks.

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Standing at over six-feet five-inches there isn’t much that escapes the gaze of Neil “The Senator” MacLellan. A born conqueror and leader of men – Neil is most at home in the cavernous mahogany wainscoting of his Governor’s Mansion study. Reclining in his well-worn oxblood red leather tufted chesterfield – Neil allows long coils of thick cigar smoke to drift towards his vaulted ceilings as he contemplates his next move.



Ben Archer was born in the rugged woodlands of Alberta. A self-proclaimed “king of the wild frontier” – Ben can often be found adorned in animal pelts enjoying a fire cured cigar as he skins a deer readying it for the smokehouse. When Ben isn’t surveying all of God’s creation he likes to curl up with a good book wishing he could read, while absentmindedly stroking his grizzled beard.